The day before fall of Kabul, I understood that Ghani would leave the country: Saleh

by Aamaj News

Former vice president, Amrullah Saleh, reacting to Ghani’s interview with BBC posted on his Facebook page that the day before fall of Kabul, former national security advisor, Hamdullah Muhib, and former director general of administrative office of the president, Fazel Fazly came to visit him, while he was angry because the government did not announce resistance against Taliban.

According to Saleh on Thursday before fall of Kabul, they were supposed to announce nationwide resistance against Taliban.

Saleh said that Muhib and Fazly asked him about his plans, and recommended him to think calmly on a long-term plan so that Taliban do not obtain recognition. Plus the peace process has already collapsed.

Saleh said that he knew that peace process collapsed. He added that he requested Mohib and Fazly to give more information, and then understood that Ashraf Ghani wanted to leave the country.

“I never leave the country, I will resist as much as I can. If I cannot do anything, I will use the roof of my house in Taimani as a stronghold,” Saleh had said to Muhib and Fazly.

Saleh said that time Mr. Fazly made a phone call to someone, and left his office. Mohib said to him that Pakistanis had decided to slaughter some officials that he was on that list as well, plus they wanted to defame some anti-Pakistan figures.

He added that the day before fall of Kabul, he headed towards Panjshir from his house in Taimani, Kabul, to be part of national resistance front forces.

Saleh said that he is not eager to write about the way that government collapsed. He added that Afghansitan belongs to Afghans, and one day they will put aside Taliban.

Earlier he also had said that describing the enemy in a way that they are not, and giving nostalgic interviews cannot solve the problem. Afghansitan is bigger than that to be swallowed by Pakistan, and its cruel proxy group.

The news comes as Ghani in his first interview after fall of Kabul said that PPS was not able to protect him, and if they resist they all would die.


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