The Public Health Agency of Canada confirms over 30,000 new Covid-19 cases in one week

by Aamaj News

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) on Friday confirmed 31,390 new Covid-19 cases for the week of July 10 to 16, pushing the total number to over 4 million.

According to the weekly report issued by the PHAC, the number of total Covid-19 cases and deaths in Canada reached 4,023,104 and 42,447 respectively. 

Xinhua news agency reported that the daily positive rate during the week averaged at 16.1 percent, and daily tests per 100,000 people were 79.

Most people in Canada have been vaccinated. However, vaccinated people are less likely to get very sick or die, the PHAC said.

The news comes as World Health Organization (WHO) recently said that the cases of COVID-19 have risen once again, and in recent weeks 5.7 million people have contracted COVID-19 across the globe.


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