The US urge the Taliban to ensure their promise of amnesty

by Aamaj News

Yesterday November 30 the US Department of State releasing a report on two-day meeting between delegation of US Department of State, Department of Treasury, USAID and Taliban’s delegation in Doha, Qatar said the US delegation emphasized the importance of the Taliban fulfilling its public commitment not to allow anyone to use the soil of Afghanistan against others.

The US delegation also emphasized that the Taliban must observe the rights of women, girls, and minorites.

The US Department of Treasury also issued general licenses to support the continuation of humanitarian assistance to Afghans, despite keeping sanctions and freezing Afghan assets.

On the other hand, the US special representative for Afghanistan, Thomas West, tweeted that the US is deeply concerned about reports of retaliatory killings and forced disappearances of former soldiers.

Whereas the Human Rights Watch also releasing a report said that Taliban forces continue to kill and disappear former security forces.


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