Taliban should immediately stop brutal public flogging policy: Amnesty International

by Aamaj News

The Amnesty International campaigner, Samira Hamidi, reacting to flogging of women and men by Taliban stated that they have violated international laws against torture.

She emphasized that the Taliban are violating international laws by misbehaving in the name of Islam and Sharia, and these acts should not be done under any circumstances.

The organization has warned that the Taliban have returned to the cruel laws of the first period of their rule, and asked the Taliban to end this “brutal policy”.

“These outrageous punishments are just another step in the legalizing of inhuman practices by the Taliban’s cruel justice system and expose the de facto authorities complete disregard for international human rights law,” the statement reads.

In statement urges the international community to take serious measures to prevent these policies of Taliban.

The news comes as Taliban recently flogged 9 men and 3 women accusing them of having affairs at a stadium in Pul Alam city of Logar province.


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