Doha meeting means to “whitewash” Taliban: Female protesters

by Aamaj News

The Coalition of Afghan Women’s Protest Movements called the meeting of Thomas West, the US special representative for Afghanistan, with the members of the “Afghanistan Future Thought Forum” in Doha as illegitimate and an attempt to “whitewash” the Taliban.

Yesterday they releasing a statement said that the meetings without the presence of representatives of the “victims of Taliban’s crime”, female protestors and different ethnic groups and maginalized ones, are not legitimate.

They mentioned that such meetings, which “deny” the “adverse realities of the Afghan people” and are devoid of the presence of various groups of the Afghan people, will only lead to the “whitewashing of the Taliban” and the continuation of the implementation of the “failed US peace agenda with the Taliban.”

According to the statement citizens are currently struggling with hunger, poverty and extreme misery, and the Taliban are the only “main cause” of this situation in the country.

They asked Thomas West and Afghanistan’s international partners not to exclude women, protestors, marginalized groups, and the victims’ families from the meetings regarding their fate and pave the way for “the cause of injustice”.

The News comes as Mr. West had announced that he had met with the members of “Afghanistan Future Thought Forum”, which includes a number of members of the former Afghan government, women’s rights activists, civil activists and tribal elders in Doha.

The US representative for Afghanistan added that the participants of the meeting, who were critics and supporters of the Taliban, wanted engagement and dialogue to resolve the challenges and “opposed” armed conflicts.

It should be noted that Fatemeh Gilani and some others who work in the “Afghanistan Future Thought Forum” recently met with the American representative in Doha. After the US blocked the reserves of the Central Bank of Afghanistan, Mrs. Gilani and several others are trying to free the frozen money of Afghanistan and transfer this money to the Central Bank of Afghanistan under the control of the Taliban.



Doha meeting means to “whitewash” Taliban: Female protesters – Kokcha News Agency April 16, 2023 - 11:12 am

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