US to combat terrorism in Afghanistan in any circumstances

by Aamaj News

US Defense Secretary Llyod Austin speaking at a security forum on Saturday in Bahrain said that despite the US withdrawal, this country is committed to combat terrorism in Afghanistan.

“We’ll keep up our relentless focus on counterterrorism, even as we shift to an over-the-horizon concept in Afghanistan,” he said, and added that combatting terrorism in Afghanistan whether it can be against Al-Qaeda or ISIS requires cooperation.

Whereas the world countries after Taliban’s domination, have expressed their concerns about ISIS in Afghanistan, and emphasized to combat against this group. Among them nieghboring countries of Afghanistan as Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan have deployed their soldier on borders with Afghanistan to prevent the influence of Islamic groups.

IS-K after Taliban’s domination in past three months launched several deadly attacks on different provinces of Afghanistan, and as a result dozens of Afghans killed and wounded.


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