The Taliban defense ministry rejects the Pakistani troops advance in Wakhan

by Aamaj News

The Taliban ministry of defense rejected the reports regarding the delivery of strategic area of Wakhan to Pakistan and Pakistani troops advance in that area.

The statement of the ministry added that the Taliban security forces are stationed in the border areas between Afghanistan and Pakistan in the districts of Wakhan, Zibak, Ashkashim and other border areas. Additionally, the boundary lines of the country are under control.

The statement added that the Taliban forces are committed to goodwill of being neighbors, and if the soil of Afghanistan being trespassed, they are ready to defend.

Recently, the claim circulated that the Taliban have delivered the strategic area of Wakhan to Pakistan so that the country has access to middle east.

In the meantime, a video released on social media shows the Taliban fighters in Wakhan say the Pakistani troops advanced into the soil of Afghanistan.

They remove the border markers that according to them Pakistan has put in the soil of Afghanistan.


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