West and Uzbek officials discuss “situation in Afghanistan”

by Aamaj News

The US Special Representative for Afghanistan, Thomas West, stated that he met Uzbek officials and discussed bilateral relations as well as the issue of Afghanistan.

West in a tweet added that in a two-day visit of Tashkent, he had a productive meeting with Uzbek officials, and discussed some interested issues.

He referring to his meeting with deputy secretary of national security council of Uzbekistan and Uzbek foreign minister said that had a productive two days in Tashkent.

“Uzbekistan is playing a central role in support of Afghan people. Important humanitarian hub in Termez, Tashkent continues to provide Afghanistan with electricity, and Uzbek leadership engaging Taliban on shared priorities: terrorism, human rights, stability,” West said.

The US Special Representative for Afghanistan also met some Afghan citizens there, and heard their suggestions regarding human rights, women’s rights and inclusive government.


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