Over two dozen of US Congress members called the Pentagon for releasing the report on US weaponry left in Afghanistan

by Aamaj News

Andy Barr and other 27 Republicans writing a letter to the Pentagon requested the release of the missing report which is on the status of American taxpayer-funded military equipment left behind in Afg whether they are destroyed or Taliban carry them.

Republicans have criticized the US DoD for delaying the release of report, which must be released two weeks ago.

“This lack of information prevents Congress from being able to accurately and effectively conduct oversight over the tens of billions of dollars of equipment invested in Afg over the past 20 years and creates vulnerabilities in our national security,” they wrote

Andy Barr is a member of Congress and a severe critic of US-led chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, and collapse of former government in Afg

Taliban have possessed the major parts of weaponry that the US had given to the Afghan forces in past 20 years.


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