The Biden administration has no plan to rescue Afghan commandos: US lawmakers

by Aamaj News

Fox News reports that some US lawmakers and veterans in a letter urged the US president, Joe Biden, to evacuate 20,000 Afghan commandos who have been abandoned.

According to this report, although the US administration has claimed the evacuation of 120,000 Afghans, but the majority of them were not Afghan interpreters or their families.

This report adds that it has been four months that the US forces left Afghanistan, but at least 20,000 Afghan commandos have been remained in this country.

Some US lawmakers and veterans criticizing the Biden administration say that it has no plan to rescue Afghan commandos who have been the most critical ally of them.

Some of US troops that served alongside Afghan commandos say the Afghan commandos did the lion’s share of the fighting and endured horrific casualties all the way until the final U.S. evacuation flight departed. 

Four months ago US evacuated approximately 120,000 people, but the majority of them were not their allies or suitable to be evacuated. But there are thousands of Afghans who were their allies, and are still in Afghanistan.


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