The US will not recognize the Taliban’s govt, unless they fullfil intl community’s conditions, West says

by Aamaj News

The US special representative for Afghanistan, Thomas West, says that the US will not recognize the Taliban, unless they fullfil the international community’s commitments.

Mr. West reiterates that the US is aware of Afghansitan’s current situation, and deeply concerned about humanitarian crisis in this country. But the unfreezing of Afghan frozen assets depends on fulfilling the commitments of them.

According to Mr. West the US is not sure about observing women and girls’ rights by the Taliban, and Taliban must fullfil their commitments.

Four months after Taliban’s domination no one has recognized them, and all have said that Taliban must fullfil their commitments.

The news comes as a senior member of Taliban, Anas Haqqani, said not recognizing the Taliban’s government is unjust, and the international community needs Taliban more than Taliban need them.


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