US imposes visa restrictions on Taliban for bans on women ‏

by Aamaj News

The US Department of State has imposed new visa restrictions on certain current and former Taliban members, non-state security group members and others who are believed to be involved in repressing the rights of women and girls in Afghanistan.

The US State Department added that the measures have been taken place to promote accountability among Taliban leaders behind edicts banning women from universities and working with NGOs.

“So far, the Taliban’s actions have forced over one million school-aged Afghan girls and young women out of the classroom, with more women out of universities and countless Afghan women out of the workforce. These numbers will only grow as time goes on, worsening the country’s already dire economic and humanitarian crises,” Blinken said in a State Department statement.

“Through these decisions, the Taliban have again shown their disregard for the welfare of the Afghan people.”

Mr. Blinken added that the Taliban cannot expect the respect and support of the international community until they respect the human rights and fundamental freedoms of all Afghans, including women and girls.

Taliban have not reacted so far.

But they have always emphasized on their commitment to observe women’s rights within an “Islamic framework.”

Recently the Taliban sending a letter to all private academic settings have urged them to refuse registering girls for upcoming college entrance exam.

They had closed the schools for girls above grade sixth, and deprived them of higher education.


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