US Charge’d Affairs heads to Tajikistan to participate in HSD

by Aamaj News

The US Charge’d Affairs to Afghanistan, Karen Decker, has gone to Dushanbe, capital of Tajikistan to participate in Herat Security Dialogue [HDS].

“I am here to listen, but I will be prepared to reiterate [the US] strong support for the Afghan people and for an Afghanistan at peace with itself and its neighbors,” she added.

“It is great to have an opportunity to exchange views on the situation in Afghanistan with representatives from Afghanistan, Tajikistan, regional countries, and the EU.”

Tenth session of HDS is being held in Tajikistan under the title, ” Inclusive Political System: The Way Forward,” which is being hosted by Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies.

Some former political figures, representatives of civil society, academics, representatives of the media, diplomats, representatives of non-governmental organizations as well as representatives of the US, EU, Pakistan, India and Tajikistan are going to participate.

Additionally, the government of Pakistan prohibited Mohsin Dawar to participate in this dialogue, but he will participate online.


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