The US to monitor situation in AFG, and ready to take action if needed

by Aamaj News

The United States Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, said that the United States is monitoring the situation in Afghanistan, and it has the capabilities to conduct strike operations in this country if a threat emanates from the country’s territory.

Mr. Milley at the US Congress said the country hopes that Afghanistan not to become a place for terrorist activities against the US.

“We do maintain surveillance [in Afghanistan] and I won’t go into the details of how or what forms or mechanisms, and we do have the capabilities to conduct strike operations if we see a threat emanating from the land of Afghanistan,” Milley said.

He added that Washington does want to see Afghanistan a platform for terrorists to attack the US.

Milley did not offer details on military operations, but in early August the US drones destroyed a weapons cache in Helmand.

The news comes as after Taliban’s domination, countries around the world have repeatedly warned of terrorist groups activities and infiltration in Afghanistan.


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