Taliban do not allow female students who do not wear burqa to enter university in Takhar

by Aamaj News

Sources told Aamaj News that today employees of the Taliban ministry for propagation of virtue and prevention of vice did not allow female students who were not wearing burqa or head-to-toe hijab to enter university in Takhar province.

Additionally, another source told Aamaj News that Mawlawi Hadi one of morality police of Taliban in Takhar slapped a women.

According to the source, the incident while took place that a man was accompanying that woman.

The news comes as Taliban issuing a decree made it compulsory for women to observe hijab and wear Chadori (head-to-toe burqa) preferably.

The decision of Taliban provoked international reactions.

A number of women reacting to the decision of Taliban said that they have insulted women.

The women added that the Taliban ideal type of hijab is neither Islamic nor cultural, rather, a primitive tribal dress code.


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