UNHCR: 24 mln people in Afghanistan facing acute food insecurity

by Aamaj News

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said that humanitarian assistance is a critical lifeline for millions of people in Afghanistan.

“Humanitarian aid is a critical lifeline for millions. The time to stand by them is now,” UNHCR tweeted.

According to this organization 24.4 million people in Afghanistan are facing acute food insecurity and need humanitarian assistance and protection.

Before that the UN urged $4.4 billion to address humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan in 2022. But donors just pledged $2.4 billion in a virtual meeting which was held last week.

The countries added that assistance would be delivered to the UN agencies and Taliban will not have any access.

After Taliban’s domination in Afghanistan, the level of humanitarian assistance has decreased to this country significantly.

Donors and international charities called the poor governance and violation of human rights by Taliban the main reason of this act.


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