Harassment and violence against journalists in Afghanistan continues: UNAMA

by Aamaj News

United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) stated that harassment and violence against journalists in Afghanistan continues.

“UNAMA reiterates its call to the Taliban to release all detained media workers and end Draconian measures, including arbitrary detentions and threats, against journalists and the press,” UNAMA urged the Taliban.

On the other hand, Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) urged the Taliban to investigate the beating and detention of journalist, Roman Karimi, and his driver, Samiullah.

CPJ also called for immediate release of Jamaluddin Dildar, a radio station owner as well as Mirza Hassani, a former radio station owner.

Roman Karimi, journalist of Salam Wantandar radio station and his driver detained by Taliban while he wanted to cover the protest of women. Karimi said that Taliban fighters beat him after checking his phone.

According to Afghanistan Journalists Center 80 journalists and media workers have been arrested in different provinces after Taliban’s domination, the detention were accompanied with violence.


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