UN envoy calls on Taliban to make principles of equality

by Matiullah Shirzad

UNAMA releasing a statement says that Afghan women have witnessed the erosion of their rights after Taliban’s domination, and the theme of this years’ global Human Rights Day centres on “Equality.”

“The principles of equality and non-discrimination are paramount for the enjoyment of human rights by all. We call upon the Taliban to make this principle a day-to-day reality in Afghanistan,” said Deborah Lyons, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan.

Ms Lyons believes that equality has the power to help break cycles of poverty; it gives young people the same opportunities across the country; it helps in advancing a healthy environment; it tackles the root causes of conflict and crises.

Ms Lyons also expressed her concerns about the erosion of women and girls rights, and said that commitments of Taliban yet have to be met.

The news comes as after Taliban’s domination Afghan citizens complain about Taliban’s bad behavior, violence, and violation of human rights.


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