Inclusivity is an important precondition for reconciliation and the prevention of future conflict in AFG: UN

by Aamaj News

High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, after her one-day visit of Kabul releasing a statement expressed her concerns over removal of offices relating to women.

She also expressed her concern over the combination of Taliban’s government cabinet which has no woman in it, and includes a minority of non-Pashtuns.

Ms. Bachelet pointed out that Human Rights Watch has reliable documents of arbitrary arrest of former security forces, and extrajudicial killings of Taliban’s opponents as well as restrictions on women.

She expressed her concerns visiting acting second deputy prime minister of Taliban, Abdul Salam Hanafi, and Taliban’s acting interior minister.

She underlined the rights of citizens to be respected and urged the formation of an inclusive government for Afghansitan’s instability.

Michelle Bachelet said that she visited officials, institutions, and other spectrums in recent days in Afghanistan.

In the meantime, Abdul Salam Hanafi, said that Taliban will respect any forms of human rights which are not against Islam. But Sirajuddin Haqqani in his meeting with Ms. Bachelet said that Taliban consider their amnesty and are not trying to take revenge.

High Commissioner for Human Rights emphasized on providing of women’s rights and added for an stable and developed Afghanistan, women’s participation in different process including leadership is of importance.

On the other hand, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights stated that violence against women and girls in the public and private spheres should not be ignored, and the perpetrators must be condemned and brought to justice.

On the other hand, some women’s rights activists praising the remarks of the UN official, called for women’s participation, along with other areas at the leadership level and considered this issue as their fundamental and religious right.

In a statement issued by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Ms. Bachelet called on the international community to reduce sanctions and unfreeze Afghan assets of in order to speed up the economic growth in Afghanistan.

According to her, millions of Afghans will continue to suffer unnecessarily until more funds are available to the Afghan people.

Ms. Michelle Bachelet also called on members of the UN, using their influence on Taliban encourage them to respect human rights, especially women and girls’ rights alongside with ethnic and religious minorities.


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