An Ukrainian couple in their first day of wedding joined Ukraine Army to defend this country

by Aamaj News

According to CNN Yaryna Arieva and her partner Sviatoslav Fursin had planned to get married on May 6 but due to Russia’s attack they rushed to tie the knot with the sound of air raid sirens ringing in their ears.

They told CNN that they stay in Ukraine and have lost of things to do. They hoped to do their best.

“The situation is hard. We are going to fight for our land,” said Arieva. “We maybe can die, and we just wanted to be together before all of that.”

“Maybe they (Russia) will just get out from our country and we will have an ability to celebrate normally,” said Arieva, adding, “I just hope that everything will go normal and we will have our land, we will have our country safe and happy without any Russians in it.”

It has been three days that Russia attacked on Ukraine, and the war has been intensified around the capital, Kyiv.


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