Al Qaeda and IS-K growing in strength in AFG, pose threat to other countries: The Nation

by Aamaj News

The Nation newspaper referring to the recent report of the United Nations said transnational terrorist groups Al Qaeda and IS-K are growing in strength in Afghanistan and could potentially pose a threat to other countries.

The report added that in the more immediate term, IS-K poses a much more significant threat as it has already conducted multiple attacks in neighbouring countries, and it views Afghanistan as a base for expansion in the wider region to realize its dream of a caliphate.

“The group has been actively luring disaffected fighters from multiple terror groups including the Taliban. Meanwhile, the report claims that Al Qaeda has been enjoying a comfortable stay in Afghanistan and that some of its senior members are also providing advisory services to the Afghan government” The Nation added. “In addition to this, Al Qaeda chief Aiman al-Zawahiri is also apparently based in the country.”

The newspaper referring to the presence of 3000 to 4000 TTP fighters in Afghanistan said that after IS-K, TTP is the second largest terrorist group active in Afghanistan.

“The more Afghanistan is neglected, the easier it will be for such groups to operate,” The Nation referring to the presence of terrorist groups in Afghanistan said.

According to the news agency Islamabad continues to work with the Taliban administration to address this issue.

The news comes as the Taliban authorities repeatedly have said that no country will be threatened through Afghanistan.


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