Taliban to ban the activities of YouTube channels in Badakhshan

by Aamaj News

Local sources in Badakhshan say the activities of YouTube channels which used to make programs in this province have been banned by Taliban’s department of information and culture in Badakhshan.

Yesterday, head of Badakhshan’s department of information and culture, Moazuddin Ahmadi, said that the channels did not have license of activity, and because of it the broadcast of them has been banned.

He added that YouTubers must go to Kabul and obtain the license to continue their activities.

He added that the activities of the channels must be in accordance with Islamic law and consideration of the national interest.

YouTubers and officials of media in Badakhshan complain of Taliban’s restrictions imposed on them, and add that the media are closing in this province due to economic problems.

According to them the owners of channels cannot financially afford to obtain the license of activities from Taliban’s ministry of information and culture.


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