Pressure tactics and repetition of failed experiments do not yield results: Taliban

by Aamaj News

Following the recent decision of the UN regarding the ban on travel of two Taliban senior officials, foreign ministry of Taliban releasing a statement said pressure tactics and repetition of failed experiments do not yield results.

The ministry welcomed the UN’s decision to temporarily exempt sanctions on senior officials of Taliban, and added that Taliban consider their rights that sanctions be lifted permanently in accordance with the Doha Agreement.

The news comes as some diplomats told AFP that the UN refused to renew the travel exemption of two Taliban officials, the officials now banned from traveling are Sayyed Ahmad Shaidkhel, the acting deputy education minister, and Abdul Baqi Basir Awal Shah, also known as Abdul Baqi Haqqani, the acting Minister of Higher Education, but 13 other Taliban senior officials can travel for another two months. Taliban accuse the UNSC of prejudice.

“Unfortunately, sanctions have been reimposed until senior IEA officials. MoFA considers such pressure tactics futile and reputation of failed experiments that do not yield the results,” the statement added.


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