Taliban should be brought to 21 century using any leverage: Amina Mohammed

by Aamaj News

U.N. Deputy Secretary-General, Amina Mohammed, stated that Taliban must be brought “from the 13th century to the 21st”to create the atmosphere where women and girls are safe.

Mohammed, who is Muslim, said one of the biggest challenges in dealing with the group, which “is loyal to the emir and the emirate,” is how to bring them “from the 13th century to the 21st.”

She emphasized that any leverage must be used to persuade the Taliban to accept the principles of international community.

Mohammed expressing her concern said that in his trip to Afghanistan she pressurized the Taliban, but the Taliban reactions were not “pleasant” somehow and seemed to be difficult.

According to Mohammed the Taliban have assured her to protect the women.

U.N. Deputy Secretary-General emphasized that any leverage will be used to defend the rights of women.

She reiterated that the people in Afghanistan have the tendency for development, and the UN as well as its partners must work a lot.


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