Taliban shot brother of a famous commander in Maidan Wardak

by Aamaj News

Sources told Aamaj News that Raz Mohammad a resident of Ziulat village of Jalrez district, Maidan Wardak shot dead by Taliban.

According to sources the incident took place in Ziulat village, Jalrez, Maidan Wardak last night.

The sources said that Raz Mohammad is brother of Mohammad Mosa Hottack, an advisor of former president Hamid Karzai, and also brother of Haji Ghulam Mohammad Hottack, a famous commander in Maidan Wardak and former advisor of former chief of executive.

The sources added that Taliban had claimed that Raz Mohammad was in contact with his brother, Ghulam Mohammad, who is living in Iran right now, and was working to form an anti-Taliban front in Maidan Wardak.

People are worried about extra- judicial killings, but Taliban refuse to comment on such issues.


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