A fighter of Taliban tortured a Panjshiri woman for declining marriage proposal

by Aamaj News

Gulshan, 37, a resident of Abdullah Khel has been tortured by a Taliban fighter after declining his marriage proposal.

One of relatives of Gulshan told Aamaj News that initially the Taliban offered their marriage proposal, after declining the issue they tortured her in the farm and broke her hand.

They added that Gulshan is a widow, her husband was a former security officer and killed while doing his job.

Residents of Abdullah Khel say that the Taliban offer money to women to satisfy them to get married.

They expressing their concerns regarding this issue say that the Taliban have said that they must accept their marriage proposal for young girls.

It has been a year since Taliban’s domination, people repeatedly have accused them of attacking on their privacy, violating the law of Sharia. The Taliban reject these issues.


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