Taliban need to reopen girls’ schools to gain international assistance: UNAMA

by Aamaj News

Markus Potzel, the UN deputy special envoy for Afghanistan, said that the Taliban need to reopen the girls’ schools to gain the international assistance.

Yesterday, Mr. Potzel, in his visit to the eastern Nangarhar province said that the international assistance will not continue if the Taliban keep closing the girls’ schools.

He emphasized that education is the right of everyone, and the UN expects the Taliban to review their policy regarding the girls’ education and reopen the girls’ schools.

He reiterated that the UN supports the people of Afghanistan in any situation, but recent developments have cast a shadow on the process of providing the assistance, and they assume that the assistance does not reach the needy ones.

It is mentionable that the Taliban have not opened the girls’ schools even eleven months after their domination.


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