A young man shot dead by Taliban forces in Khost district of Baghlan province

by Aamaj News

Taliban shot a young man named, Sayed Amanullah Usmani, in Baghlan province.

Sources told Aamaj News that the incident took place in Suchi Baala village of Khost district, Baghlan.

According to the sources he shot dead by Taliban because he had a photo carrying the gun.

Usmani was majored in Persian literature at Baghlan university.

Two days ago Taliban shot, Ziaulhaq Raid, a former employee of finance ministry in Khost district.

The news comes as the National Resistance Front forces claimed that they lowered the flag of Taliban in Suchi Baala and Suchi Paayen of Khost district, Baghlan, last week.

After the incident Taliban conducted an operation of arresting and forcing people in those areas.


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