During the night Taliban attacked on Eng. Mohammad Khan’s house, killed his son and wounded his aged spouse: Saleh

by Aamaj News

Sources confirm to Aamaj News that last night some unknown gunmen attacked on deputy of former chief executive Engineer Muhammad Khan’s house, and as a result of this attack a bodyguard and a son of Engineer Muhammad Khan killed, and left his aged wife wounded.

Former vice president, Amrullah Saleh, said that Taliban attacked on Engineer Muhammad Khan’s house.

In a message he said that family of engineer Muhammad Khan had trusted Taliban and remained in Kabul.

Saleh added that militias and bullies of mendacious Taliban group during the night attacked on Engineer Muhammad Khan’s house, killed his young son and cousin and wounded his aged spouse.

Saleh added that this proxy group of Pakistan is the enemy of the ones who are patriotic.

Saleh once again emphasized on improving of resistance.

Taliban reacting to this issue said that last night as a result of a conflict inside Engineer Muhammad Khan’s house, his son and one of his bodyguards killed, his spouse and one of his relatives wounded. They citing Engineer Muhammad Khan’s brother in law said that the cause of this conflict was domestic problems, and added that they are investigating the issue.


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