There is no difference between tribes in Afghanistan, says Taliban Minister of Borders and Tribal Affairs

by Aamaj News

Mullah Noorullah Noori, the Minister of Borders and Tribal Affairs of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan stated during his visit to Faryab: “Under the shadow of the Islamic system, everyone’s rights are clear and protected, and for this reason, there is no difference between ethnic groups in Afghanistan today”.

The Minister of Borders and Tribal Affairs of the Taliban, during the gathering of “scholars and tribal leaders”, Faryab added: “After the victory of the Islamic Emirate, the country, and the people enjoy safe security, which is something to be thankful for.”

The comments of the Minister of Borders and Tribal Affairs of the Taliban come at a time when this group has been repeatedly accused of “discriminating” and “revengeful” behavior with other tribes in the past two years.

On the other hand, after two years of Taliban rule, Aamaj News research shows that 83.3% of the cabinet is Pashtun and 96.6% is Taliban. According to this research, 79.4% of governors are Pashtun and 100% are Taliban. Millennials and absent women.

The Taliban cabinet includes 6.6% Tajiks, 6.6% Uzbeks, and 3.4% Nuristani.

On the other hand, from among the 34 governors who are all candidates; 27 governors are Pashtun, 6 Tajik governors, and only one Uzbek governor.



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