Emeralds of Panjshir mined and sold legally for first time: Taliban

by Aamaj News

Bakhtar News Agency under Taliban administration quoted the officials of the Panjshir Mining Department as saying that for the first time, a “legally mined emerald” worth 24 million and 569 thousand Afghanis has been sold in this province.

In an announcement published today on the website of Bakhtar News Agency, it is stated that before this Panjshir emerald was sold in the European and US markets under the name of the countries of the region.

It is mentioned in the newsletter that this is the first time that the Panjshir emerald has been sold during the bidding process with the presence of 150 traders.

The Taliban recently announced that the necessary equipment for the extraction of emerald mines has been deployed in Panjshir.

Afghanistan has a rich mine of rare seeds; But due to continuous unrest and closed geography, the opportunity to extract most of these mines has not yet been provided.

This is while the Taliban have started “extortion of mines” in Afghanistan, which has been repeatedly criticized by the opposition figures of this group, experts, and citizens.


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