Taliban react to Yun’s remarks

by Aamaj News

In response to Ismail Yun’s recent remarks, the Taliban have claimed that the head of Zhwandoon TV rented government land for the television station at an “agricultural” rate but utilized it for commercial purposes.

Hedayatullah Hedayat, the Taliban’s Deputy Minister of Radio and Television, has denounced this action as “illegal and unethical,” and has released the “lease documents” of Zhwandoon TV to support his claim.

Yesterday, the Taliban’s deputy minister of radio and television tweeted that during Hamid Karzai’s government, government-owned land under the ministry of telecommunications was leased to Zhwandoon TV at a rate of 509 Afghanis per acre. He noted that the rate is meant for agricultural land, while the TV station uses it for commercial purposes.

Furthermore, he mentioned that after failed attempts of mediation and issuing orders, Ismail Yun resorted to making baseless and unethical remarks. This not only has challenged the ministry of telecommunications but also all of the Taliban’s policies.

The Taliban has emphasized that the issue regarding Zhwandoon TV’s land is a legal matter and not a political one.

Mr. Hedayat has released documents related to the lease of four acres of land, currently in the possession of Zhwandoon TV. These documents reveal that Hamid Karzai accepted Ismail Yun’s offer, allowing the television station to occupy the land for thirty years, without going through a bidding process and at an agricultural rate.

The Taliban has described this sentence as an “illustration of past corruption.”

It is worth noting that yesterday, Ismail Yun, the head of Zhwandoon TV, criticized the Taliban during a meeting, alleging that the group is oppressing people with a Pakistani ideology. He further accused the Taliban of planning to convert the Zhwandoon TV building into a religious Madrasa.



Taliban react to Yun’s remarks – Kokcha News Agency June 6, 2023 - 9:12 am

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The article sheds light on the dispute between the Taliban and Zhwandoon TV regarding land usage. The release of lease documents by the Taliban’s Deputy Minister highlights alleged misuse and challenges Yun’s claims, signaling a legal, not political, issue. The situation underscores tensions as accusations and counter-accusations escalate.

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This article highlights a land dispute between the Taliban and Zhwandoon TV, focusing on lease documents released by the Taliban’s Deputy Minister. It appears to be a legal matter rather than a political one, indicating escalating tensions amid accusations and counter-accusations.

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