Taliban torture to death former special army force

by Aamaj News

Satar Sirat, a former special army force died under the torture of Taliban, sources told Aamaj News.

Sirat was abducted in Sar-e-Pul –Mazar-e-Sharif way by Taliban two weeks ago, and tortured to death. His corpse has been found in a valley in Jowzjan province.

The video which circulates on social shows that his corpse has been torn from back area and thrown on the snow.

One of the sources told Aamaj News that the Taliban killed him arbitrarily accusing of affiliation with the “Freedom Front of Afghanistan.”

The people in the know believe that the Taliban general amnesty is simply a big lie, and they are trying to kill people.

But the Taliban repeatedly have rejected the killing of former security forces, and have emphasized on general amnesty.


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