Taliban replace female staff in ministries with alumnae of Pakistani madrasas

by Matiullah Shirzad

The Taliban’s attempts to gain recognition of their government as legitimate one, has been unsuccessful. International community put conditions the very day that Taliban entered Kabul, and warned if Taliban do not change their approach towards women, they will not recognize their government.

Taliban officials in Afghanistan and Qatar have always talked about changes on Taliban’s view towards women, but international community says that Taliban have not changed. Their all-male cabinet showed that they did not intend to let the women in key governmental positions, that is why they have fired women from ministries, and instead hired mullahs.

Shogofa—we avoid writing her real name because of her security— one of justice ministry’s staff said to Aamaj News that Taliban had ordered female staff of justice ministry not to return to their work the very day they entered Kabul, and said no woman would loose her job, and their salaries would be paid, except for women who had left the country or occupied high positions. But they have not kept their promises, and not paid the salaries, additionally they are stepping aside female staff too.

According to her, Taliban day to day step aside female staff and instead hire mullahs that the mejority of them are graduated from Pakistani madrasas. Taliban do not consider any other benefit for women after their removal, while the mejority of them are caretakers of their families. This way they will have to do anything to feed their families.

Some other employees of justice ministry in an interview with Aamaj News complained of Taliban for not paying their salaries, and criticized the way that Taliban hire new staff.

Taliban after their domination announced an all-male cabinet that no woman and Hazaras are in, that lots of people reacted to it in Afghanistan and all around the world.

After about four months no country has recognized the Taliban’s government, and all countries have said that if they do not respect women’s rights, freedom of speech and form an inclusive government, they will not recognize.


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