Reactions to public execution by Taliban in Farah province

by Aamaj News

The Taliban de-facto authorities had postponed the implementation of Shriah based on their interpretation of Islam, but recently their supreme leader, Hibatullah Akhundzada, ordered the implementation and after that they started to flog, lash and execute people accused of various crimes.

Yesterday, December 07, 2022, they publicly executed a person in Farah province saying that they are implementing Qisas, Islamic term interpreted to mean “retaliation in kind”, “eye for an eye”, or retributive justice.

This act of Taliban has met a wide range of bitter reactions internationally.

The UN Human Rights office stated that the act is “deeply concerning.”

Spokesman of the UN Human Rights office, Jeremy Laurence, called the act “inhuman and insulting punishment.”

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan said in a post on Twitter that it “strongly opposes the death penalty in all circumstances, and calls on de facto authorities to establish an immediate moratorium with a view to abolishing the death penalty.”

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres expressed concern about the public execution, reiterating the U.N. position that “the death penalty cannot be reconciled with full respect for the right to life,” U.N. associate spokesperson Stephanie Tremblay said.

The US said that the Taliban are referring to their repressive acts back in 1990s.

Ned Price, spokesman of the US Department of State added that the act showed the failure of Taliban’s statements after “invasion of Afghanistan” adding that it insulted the integrity and human rights.

The UK also called the act repressive and inhuman.

Taliban during their first rule in the 1990s, sparked worldwide condemnation for carrying out public executions and public lashings for those accused of adultery and theft.


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