Taliban utterly failed to protect people: Amnesty International

by Aamaj News

Amnesty International reacting to a deadly explosion which took place in a Madrasa in Samangan, said that the Taliban have failed to provide security.

“The incident demonstrates the utter failure of the Taliban de-facto authorities to put in place any concrete measures for the protection of the public, especially of those who have been targeted largely in schools, mosques, training centers and public places,” the organization stated.

“The country demands the world’s attention. There must be a determined efforts to protect Afghan people and those responsible for such reprehensible attacks face justice in fair trials before ordinary civilian courts and without recourse to death penalty.”

So far, no group has claimed the responsibility for the attack in Samangan.

Yesterday، November 30, 2022, an explosion took place in “AlJihad” Madrasa, a religious Islamic school, in Aybak city, capital of Samangan.

According to Taliban, 10 students of the Madrasa were killed and several others injured.


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