Mullahs, Sheikhs, and Mufties are in charge of information and culture departments in all provinces

by Aamaj News

Sources say to Aamaj News that Taliban have officially fired all heads of information and culture in all provinces and instead appointed Mullahs, Sheikhs, and Mufties — ranks of religious scholars especially among Sunni Muslims.

Heads of information and culture of some provinces sending some letters which show that they have been fired and Mullahs, Sheikhs and Mufties are appointed, say that Taliban have fired all professional people and have appointed their own supporters.

The head of information and culture of a province who spoke on the condition of anonymity said that he was not appointed by any parties and groups, but Taliban fired him and hired a Mullah instead.

According to him all the former heads of information and cultures who were chosen by their qualifications, now are in uncertain situation.

Earlier exclusive survey of Aamaj News revealed that the mejority of governors and heads of offices are Taliban members. But Taliban have always emphasized that they consider meritocracy.


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