“Occupiers” infiltrated the people in Kabul in past two decades: Hanafi

by Aamaj News

Taliban’s minister of propagation of virtue and prevention of vice, Sheikh Khalid Hanafi, said that “occupiers” infiltrated the people in Kabul in past two decades.

“Occupiers in Kabul infiltrated the people mentally in past 20 years. They imposed the customs that contradicted not only the Islam, but also the culture of the nation.” Hanafi said at Loya Jirga hall in third day of Ulema’s gathering. “Kabul is a clean city [speaking figuratively- it means people are devoted to Islam], and occupiers did lots of things to change the mentality of people.”

He added that in past ten months no one has suffered any kind of loss by vice and virtue ministry, and their all measures were “well-thought out which is the order of God.”

Hanafi added that the people of Afghanistan want the Taliban to prevent the vice, and the vice and virtue ministry is trying to act at people’s satisfaction.


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