The Taliban must expect gloomy days: Ahmad Saeedi

by Aamaj News

Following the reactions on Taliban’s house-to-house search, Ahmad Saeedi, a university professor and political analyst, said that there is no problem if the purpose of the house-to-house search to is collect weapons, but it seems the search means to disrespect the people of Afghanistan.

“You consider yourselves devoted Muslims and call your government, Islamic Emerate, do you allow a stranger to come to your house with shoes covered in mud to invade your privacy, and a man search your wife, sister or mother’s bag and touch their clothes, and after disparaging the members of the family leave the house?” Mr. Saeedi asked while addressing the Taliban.

Mr. Saeedi said that he abhors such Jihad and Islamic Emerate that do these things.

“In my opinion, such unrealistic decisions, and hostage taking people will lead to enemity of people against you,” he said.

“As this situation continues, you must expect gloomy days, revenge will be very difficult,” he concluded.

The remarks come as the Taliban have been conducting house-to-house search in Kabul and the northern provinces for several days, and elicited sharp internal and international reactions.


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