Taliban kill and disappear more than 100 ex-officials in just four provinces, HRW says

by Aamaj News

Human Rights Watch releasing a report says that Taliban have summarily executed or forcibly disappeared more than 100 former Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) – military personnel, police, intelligence service members, and militia – in Ghazni, Helmand, Kandahar, and Kunduz between August 15 and October 31.

This report also points out that there are such other issues in provinces as Khost, Paktia and Paktika that Taliban have tortured and disappeared former security forces.

According to the report the Taliban leadership has directed members of surrendering security force units to register to receive a letter guaranteeing their safety. However, Taliban forces have used these screenings to detain and summarily execute or forcibly disappear people within days after they register, leaving their bodies for their relatives or communities to find.

The report also adds that the Taliban forces carried out abusive search operations, including night raids to find former forces to kill or disappear them. And adds that sometimes the Taliban forces commanders and leaders involved in such cases as well.


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