“My brother was brutally murdered by Taliban, and my sister went into a coma because of them,” brother of a former police officer

by Aamaj News

Seddiqullah Mohammadi brother of Shafiqullah Mohammadi told Aamaj News that four days ago Taliban killed his brother and wounded his sister for no reason in their house in Pol-e-Khomri, Baghlan. He added that her sister went to a coma.

“At mid night Taliban came into our house and requested guns, after that brutally killed my brother. When my sister wanted to avoid this issue, they wounded her. She went into a coma, and now she is hospitalized,” he said.

According to him, Shafiqullah Mohammadi worked seven years ago, but Taliban searched their house to find guns.

Family members of Shafiqullah want just, but Taliban have not said anything about this issue.

After Taliban’s domination there are reports that Taliban have killed and disappeared former forces, but Taliban rejecting the reports say they are baseless.


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