Taliban ordered the retired lecturers of Kabul University and education university of this province to empty the govt houses they live in now

by Aamaj News

A number of families of the deceased professors and retired ones at Kabul University and education university of Kabul told Aamaj News the Taliban have warned them writing letters and orally to empty the houses, which were given to them by former government, as soon as possible.

The houses were given to the deceased professors and the ones who are retired by former government, but now they say the Taliban want to give the living places to their own fighters. The Taliban have told them that they no longer deserve these houses because the owners are no longer working as lecturers or they are dead.

“This is the reward of 50 years of service to the homeland. Now we have no food to eat, the Taliban have forced us to empty our homes,” they said, complaining about the Taliban’s violence and irresponsibility.

They added that after a lot of complaining, the Taliban told them: “The Emirate is not joking with anyone. You have two days to empty the houses, otherwise we will resort to violence.”

It is mentionable that the Taliban have locked some of the houses. Residents of these houses stated that they have referred to the ministry of education and other institutions of the Taliban government several times, but no one is willing to be accountable and meet them.

Taliban in their first rule used the houses as religious madrasas.


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