An inclusive govt with presence of all ethnic groups must be formed in AFG: Tajik ambassador to Pakistan

by Aamaj News

Ambassador of Tajikistan to Pakistan, Ismatullo Nasredin, stated that an inclusive government with presence of all ethnic groups must be formed in Afghanistan. He added that Pakistan and Tajikistan have a shared desire to bring peace and stability in Afghanistan in order to benefit from regional connectivity.

He speaking at a program of Radio Pakistan stated that Islamabad is playing a key role in creating favorable conditions that could stabilize the situation in war torn Afghanistan. 

He called Afghanistan a connecting chain between Central and South Asia, and emphasized that without stability in Afghanistan, there can been no progress in increasing links between countries of the two neighboring regions.

“We should all strive for formation of an inclusive government in Afghanistan so that people of all ethnicities get a secure society for peace and prosperity in that country,” Tajik ambassador added.

He also referring to the role of China said that the country is a big power in the region that has stakes in Afghanistan and they are working together to find solution to the issues in Afghanistan.

It has been approximately 10 months since Taliban’s domination, yet no country has recognized their government.

The world has repeatedly said that Taliban must form an inclusive government to be recognized, but they say their government is an inclusive one.


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