A special survey of Aamaj News and Rumi Academy among Afghans in foreign countries found that 94% have a negative view of the Taliban’s four-month rule and only 4.8% have a positive view.

by Matiullah Shirzad

According to special servey of Aamaj News and Rumi Academy which was conducted in 21 countries around the world that Afghans live in, 94% of Afghans who live abroad have bad view on Taliban’s government, and just 4.8% of them have positive view, and 1.2% of them have no idea.

The main reasons of their bad impression are unemployment, economic problems, the composition of Taliban’s cabinet, Taliban’s bad behavior with people and limiting the freedom of people.

On the other hand peace and fleeing of former corrupt officials are the main reasons of their satisfaction. From an ethnic standpoint the mejority of Uzbek ethnic people are satisfied with Taliban’s government, and the mejority of Tajik ethnic people are not satisfied with Taliban’s government.

According to this survey women are more pessimistic than men about Taliban’s government.

The most pessimistic Afghans about the Taliban’s government are in Turkey.

Totally 2084 people participated in the survey that 82% of them are men, and remaining 18% are women.

The main question of the survey was, “What is your vision for Taliban’s past four months rule?”

The result of the survey showed that Taliban have failed to satisfy Afghans abroad.

The total percentage of satisfied and unsatisfied people are as follow:
94% negative view
4.8% positive view
1.2% no view

The percentage of participants based on their genders:
82% men
18% women

The percentage of participants in different countries:
Iran 27.42%
Turkey 19.84%
Sweden 7.14%
Pakistan 5.95%
Germany 4.76%
India 4.46%
Dubai 3.57%
Saudi Arabia 3.57%
USA 3.57%
Tajikistan 2.38%
Russia 2.38%
Britain 2.38%
France 2.38%
Netherlands 1.19%
Kuwait 1.19%
Austria 1.19%
Canada 1.19%
Finland 1.20%
Egypt 1.19%
Indonesia 1.19%
Vietnam 1.19%

Earlier Aamaj News and Rumi Academy on 100 first days of Taliban’s government, conducting a survey in 34 provinces of Afghanistan revealed that 95.5% of people are not satisfied with the performance of Taliban’s government and 80% of them are pessimistic about future. Aamaj News and Rumi Academy will constantly conduct such surveys.


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