US kept Britain in dark over deal that led Taliban back to power: The Sunday Times

by Aamaj News

The Sunday Times reported that the US did not share with the UK the details of the peace deal signed by former US president Donald Trump with the Taliban in Doha in 2021 that marked the end of the 20-year presence of US troops in Afghanistan.

The newspaper releasing a report added that the US did not share the details until the fall of Kabul.

The report stated that Washington’s decision to keep London out of loop on a classified annex to the Doha agreement signed in February 2020 placed a significant strain on the UK-US ‘special relationship’.

According to the interviews that The Sunday Times has done, the US had not shared the details relating to Doha Agreement with any of NATO allies.

The British newspaper reported that, after months of being kept in the dark, the chief of the defence staff at the time, Gen Sir Nick Carter, approached his US counterpart General Mark Milley to ask for a briefing.

It is mentionable that Doha Agreement was signed between Taliban and the US back in 2020.


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