IRC calls on the world not to neglect Afghanistan as conflict intensifies in Ukraine

by Aamaj News

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) yesterday releasing a statement urged the world not to neglect Afghanistan as the attention shifts to Ukraine crisis. This organization said that international community should seize this window of opportunity in Afghanistan to prevent famine, save lives, and put an end to the horrific conditions facing women and girls.

The International Rescue Committee welcomed the recent measures of the US and other countries who intend to increase the level of their assistance to Afghanistan.

The IRC pointing to the conference which will be hosting by Germany and Britain called for continued attention, a scale up of life saving humanitarian aid, and policy changes to alleviate the economic crisis that is tipping the scale towards preventable death and suffering. 

The organization emphasized that humanitarian needs have tripled comparing to last year, and Afghans needs long-term assistance.

“We applaud the recent good work done by the US and other donor governments to alleviate the suffering in Afghanistan. Specifically, the World Bank board’s decision to provide $1 billion from the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund to UN agencies and aid organizations operating in the country,” vice president of policy and advocacy at the IRC, Amanda Catanzano said.

He reiterated that the funding and assistance would be given to 9 million Afghans who are living on the brink of famine and government workers including teachers who have not received their salaries for seven months.

The news comes as the world attention has been shifted to Ukraine after Russia’s invasion.


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