In recent days of his presidency, Ghani feared that military would turn against him: SIGAR

by Aamaj News

The US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, or SIGAR, in its latest report has assessed the roots of the collapse of Afghanistan’s army.

SIGAR said that the decision of president Joe Biden and his predecessor, former US president, Donald Trump is the main factor of the collapse of Afghanistan’s army.

US officials said that they had urged that 2500 soldiers must stay in Afghanistan, but their suggestion was rejected.

The report added that the majority of Afghans believe that the Doha Agreement between Taliban and Washington, and the US retreat of its promises were the signs of delivering Afghanistan to the Taliban that demoralized the Afghan forces.

According to the report Ashraf Ghani suspected the US and Afghan soldiers as the Taliban entered Kabul.

The report citing former officials said as Taliban closed in on Kabul, Ghani feared that Afghan military forces would turn against him, and the US may have a plan to oust him.

The report said that Ghani fired a lot of top security officials and commanders, because he did not trust them.

According to the report the decision led to demoralizing of forces and uncertainty in management of war, that eventually led to collapse of the government.

The report said“the U.S. decision to withdraw military forces and contractors from Afghanistan,” despite the inability of Afghan forces to support themselves, was the most significant factor in the country’s collapse.

Doha Agreement in February 2020, paired with growing Taliban success on the battlefield, was interpreted by many Afghans as “a clear sign that … the tide had turned,” the report stated.

Former Afghan Gen. Sami Sadat described Ghani as a “paranoid president … afraid of his own countrymen.”

In mid-August 2021, as Taliban entered Kabul, Ghani fled the country and Afghanistan army collapsed.


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