An Afghan-British won active citizen of the year award

by Aamaj News

In this ceremony, officials of the council counted the role of Abdul Hadi Sharifi as an integral role in supporting Afghan refugees and bringing them together in community, and added that without his participation such a thing was not possible.

Abdul Hadi Sharifi, project manager of Panjshir aid and chair of the British Afghan society, has been awarded by Southwark local council as active citizen of the year for his role in supporting Afghan refugees who went to the UK last year, and more than 250 of them have been settled in Southwark area.

The council in a ceremony regarding this issue awarded different people in different areas, and called some of the volunteers as “hero volunteers”.

Abdul Hadi Sharifi was born in Panjshir, and in 2002 he went to the UK. After learning English language and graduating from high school, he continued his education in the field of aerospace, and has worked in defense institutions as quality engineer.


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