People around the world should stand against gender apartheid in Afghanistan: Shaharzad Akbar

by Aamaj News

Former chairperson of the Afghanistan IHRC, Shaharzad Akbar, on the sideline of the EU Parliament’s two-day conference on Afghan women says that it is unimaginable to her in 2022 women do not have access to education and employment in Afghanistan. She considers it as gender apartheid.

Akbar adds that it is the responsibility of every responsible citizen everywhere in the world to stand against this apartheid.

“It is unbelievable to me in 2022 there is a country in the world where women don’t have access to education, to employment” Akbar says.

“Imagine your daughter not being able to go to school because she is a girl. It’s unacceptable,” she reiterates.

In EU Parliament’s two-day conference Sima Samar, Habiba Sarabi, Horia Mosadiq, Zarifa Ghafari, Shaharzad Akbar, Sahrah Karimi, and Aryana Sayeed have participated representing Afghan women.


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