Afghanistan is an Islamic country and cannot be compared with European countries when it comes to women’s rights: Shaheen

by Aamaj News

Suhail Shaheen, the head of the political office of the Taliban in Qatar, said that Afghanistan cannot be compared with European countries in terms of women’s rights because Afghanistan is an Islamic country.

In an interview with “Fox News”, Mr Shaheen added that the Taliban are not against the education of girls and currently, millions of girls are engaged in education in primary schools in Afghanistan.

According to him, women are also involved in working in various ministries such as the Ministry of Education, Higher Education, Public Health and Internal Affairs.

It has been mentioned that it is not enough and needs more work, and in the light of Islamic values, work is being done to solve these issues.

Shaheen also added that the Taliban are committed to the Doha Agreement and that no one will be allowed to use Afghanistan against America and other countries, and this commitment has not changed.

These statements of Suhail Shaheen are raised while schools for girls above the 6th grade are still closed since the day the Taliban have come to power in Afghanistan.


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